CloudAmp Marketing Analytics

Get top level metrics and UTM Campaigns from Google Analytics in your Salesforce dashboards.

See Gooogle Analytics UTM
data in Salesforce Campaigns

Wish you could see Google Analytics campaign data right in your Salesforce Campaigns?

Now you can! New in CloudAmp Marketing Analytics 3.5, released January 2018, is the ability to import data from Google Analytics campaigns into your Salesforce Campaigns:

Once the UTM Campaigns data is imported to Salesforce in the next nightly batch, you will see it in the same area of the Salesforce Campaign record

If you log into Google Analytics and set the date range to the same, you should see the same data under Acquisition > Campaigns

Quick Setup

To get started, first update your Salesforce Campaign page layout.

  • 1. Go to a Salesforce Campaign record
  • 2. Click "Edit Layout" top right
  • 3. Create a new 1 column section and label it "CloudAmp UTM Campaign Data"
  • 4. Drag the Visualforce page called "UTMCampaign" into that section.
  • 5. Click Save.

To import UTM Campaign data:

  • 1. Select a Salesforce Campaign (or create a new one)
  • 2. Click the "Track a Google Campaign" button in the CloudAmp section
  • 3. Select the related Google Analytics Profile
  • 4. Copy and Paste the "UTM Campaign name" from Google Analytics or your tagging spreadsheet
  • 5. Click Save.

Please note that the UTM Campaign name must match exactly how it appears in Google Analytics, which is why cutting and pasting from GA is recommended. The data import will happen overnight in the batch.

That's it!

Once your data starts importing, you can see the Google Analytics Campaigns UTM parameters and more in the prebuilt dashboards.

CloudAmp Marketing Analytics

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Includes the Campaign Tracker app.

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