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UTM Parameters & Fields for Campaign Tracker

CloudAmp's Campaign Tracker shows you how a Salesforce lead came to your web site, by capturing multiple UTM parameter tags from your URLs, as well as Referral, Organic or Direct data from visitors who arrive via untagged links.

You get both First Touch (the first time a visitor came to your site) as well as Last Touch (the last time they were on your site before sumbitting a form). Here are the Salesforce fields, which are in both Salesforce Leads and then Contacts upon conversion.

So get those UTM tags into Salesforce the easy and reliable way, with the CloudAmp Campaign Tracker app for Salesforce.

First Touch Fields

  • First Lead Source Type - Categorizes all leads as Campaign, Referral, Organic or Direct.
  • First UTM Source - The source as defined in your utm_source tag (or Referral/Organic site)
  • First UTM Medium - The medium as defined in your utm_medium tag (or Referral/Organic/Direct)
  • First UTM Campaign - The campaign as defined in your utm_campaign tag (or Referral / Organic)
  • First UTM Term - The keyword as defined in your utm_term tag (optional tag)
  • First UTM Content - The content as defined in your utm_content tag (optional tag)
  • First UTM ID - The Campaign ID for Google Analytics GA4 import or categorization
  • First Paid Search - checkbox for visitors from Google Adwords
  • First Search Engine - the Source if from Google, Yahoo or Bing
  • First Keyword - the Keyword a visitor typed (if from Paid Search or Bing Organic)
  • First Referrer - the URL that sent a visitor to your site
  • First Gclid - Google Adwords Gclid or Microsoft Msclkid

The "Last" fields show the last time a visitor came to your web site, prior to submitting a lead form. If a visitor submits a form on their first visit to your site, these fields will remain blank.

  • Last Lead Source Type
  • Last UTM Source
  • Last UTM Medium
  • Last UTM Campaign
  • Last UTM Term
  • Last UTM Content
  • Last UTM ID
  • Last Paid Search
  • Last Search Engine
  • Last Keyword
  • Last Gclid
  • Last Referrer

Campaign Tracker for Google Ads & Marketing Attribution

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