About CloudAmp

CloudAmp provides Salesforce® marketing analytics applications applications to optimize your inbound sales and marketing. Improve your lead tracking, sales processes, and conversion funnel visibility with our easy to use software.

Over 22+ years of using Salesforce, we've been building internal tools for marketing and sales at various startups and enterprises, to help make Salesforce the lead machine that it can be. Our goal is to make these tools affordable, available to businesses of any size, and easy to install via the Salesforce.com AppExchange®. Marketing and Sales executives should be able to harness the power of Salesforce as a competitive advantage, and deliver better customer visibility, a higher close rate, and more revenue using our apps.

CloudAmp was founded in May 2011, and is headquartered in San Francisco.

David Hecht, Founder

David has been a Salesforce user and administrator since 2002, and has managed several sales teams and inbound marketing organizations using the Salesforce platform. He was a beta user and customer case study for the Salesforce for Google Adwords product back in 2007.

In addition to founding and managing CloudAmp, he is also a principal in AppFrontier, which makes the popular Chargent Payments for Salesforce application. David is a Salesforce Certified Administrator, and as well the organizer of the Salesforce Data Analytics Meetup, a networking event and new technology showcase held every other month in San Francisco.

David has 23 years of experience marketing and selling Internet services, and has been an entrepreneur at multiple Internet and Cloud Computing startups.

Before founding CloudAmp, David ran Sales and Marketing at cloud monitoring company Cloudkick (and later at Rackspace, after it acquired Cloudkick). Prior to that he was Co-Founder and CMO of GoGrid (now part of Datapipe), a pioneering cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) company, where he handled the Marketing, Sales and Product side of the business.

David had earlier marketing roles at eWork Exchange, a freelance job board, and InReach Internet, a regional dialup Internet Service Provider that brought Internet access to many areas of California for the first time. He received a Humanities degree from Stanford University, and lives in San Francisco with his wife and two children.

AppExchange Reviews

Check out some of our customer reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange

"We no longer have our clients demanding 'why don't we appear for this/that keyword!' as they now know precisely what produces the leads and revenue in the SF sales funnel."

--JW, Sydney, Australia

"Beginners should not be intimidated -- the support at CloudAmp makes this app a snap!"

--ES, East Lansing, Michigan

"Downloaded and customized in 30 minutes. Sales management loved it and I took all the credit for it!"

--LD, Pompano Beach, Florida

"Great app. Definitely try this out if your business is metrics-driven and you use Google Analytics."

--CA, San Francisco, California