CloudAmp Marketing Analytics

Get top level metrics and UTM Campaigns from Google Analytics in your Salesforce dashboards.

Marketing & Sales Funnel for
CloudAmp Marketing Analytics

This Salesforce tab shows you your Users (web site visitors) from Google Analytics with your Leads, Converted Leads, and Won Opportunities in a large funnel chart. Plus it is easily customizable to view different time periods or change the source reports.

  • See your conversion stages and percentages in an easy chart
  • Up to 5 different funnels to match your Google Analytics Profiles
  • Toggle between 30, 60, 90 day funnel views
  • Uses standard Salesforce reports for easy customization

Customizing the Funnel

The CloudAmp Marketing Analytics Marketing & Sales Funnel is driven by standard Salesforce reports, so you can easily change or modify lead and opportunity data in your funnel.

For example, since Users is the Google Analytics metrics of unique users (visitors) on your web site, you may wish to add filters to your Lead report to exclude non-web channels (such as tradeshow lead lists).

You can change source reports entirely by clicking the magnifying glass, clearing the search box, selecting a new report and clicking Save.

Alternately, click the Edit Report link and modify the source report provided by CloudAmp. (If you are new to Salesforce reporting, we suggest "Save As" and change to the new report using the magnifying glass, to save the original reports in case you need to restore them.

That's it!

CloudAmp Marketing Analytics

Pricing: $379/Company/Month no commitment
$3790/Company/Year (2 months free)

Free Trial: 30 Days

Discounted for Nonprofits: Yes

Editions: Enterprise, Unlimited, Professional, Performance

Includes the Campaign Tracker app.

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