Salesforce Dashboard for Google Analytics by CloudAmp

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CloudAmp Analytics Dashboards

See Google Analytics data in Salesforce®

CloudAmp Analytics Dashboards lets you easily see top level metrics from your Google Analytics account, right inside of Salesforce.

  • 5 sets of 6 prebuilt dashboards and 200+ reports
  • Import up to 2 years of Google Analytics data into Salesforce
  • Support for up to 5 web sites / Google Analytics Profiles
  • See your web site traffic, goal conversions in Salesforce
  • Data updated automatically daily, can also be used in your own reports

Now you can have better visibility into how your web analytics relate to leads or other activity in, and see the top of your marketing funnel - web site visitors.

Viewing your web site metrics alongside your other marketing and sales dashboards enables you to spot trends faster, increase revenues, and improve marketing ROI.

Setup is Easy

  1. Install the App into your Salesforce org.
  2. Click a button to connect to Google Analytics

Just log in once to your Google account, pick the Google Analytics web site profile you want, and that's it!

Marketing Benefits

Turnkey Reporting

Five sets of 6 dashboards and 200+ reports are included, and customizing the dashboards and reports to your own needs is easy. Unlike some other solutions, all data is stored natively in Salesforce in a custom object. See dashboard examples and a list of reports.

Pricing: $99 / company / month

7 Day Free Trial

Discounts for non-profits

No Term Contracts, Cancel Any Time


Overview | Setup | Reports & Dashboards | Google Analytics Metrics | UTM Campaigns | Funnel

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