Google Analytics Campaign Tracker for Salesforce by CloudAmp

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Campaign Tracker for Google Adwords and Analytics

Know exactly which campaigns and sources are producing your Salesforce® leads

CloudAmp's Campaign Tracker for Google Adwords and Analytics is an easy-to-use tool that passes tracking data from Google Adwords, Google Analytics Campaign tags, Organic search, Referrals or Direct traffic into your Leads in Salesforce.

  • Track Google Adwords into Salesforce (good replacement for Salesforce for Google Adwords)
  • Improve your advertising ROI with lead tracking
  • Track any tagged URL, Organic Search, Referral or Direct visitor
  • See what pages on your website a lead visited and when
  • Both First and Last Touch Source Tracking


Now with CloudAmp's Campaign Tracker for Google Adwords and Analytics, whenever a visitor arrives on your web site and submits a form, you can know exactly how they found you, and follow the source and keywords all the way through to conversion, close and revenue.

Campaign Tracker vs. Other Solutions

  • Affordable flat rate - no per-Lead or per-User fees
  • Instant Lead Creation in Salesforce directly - no delay
  • Secure and direct - no interim database or sync
  • Captures data independently of Google - get a second opinion

Setup is Easy

  1. Install the App into your Salesforce org.
  2. Add the small javascript tracking code on any pages of your web site where you want visitors to be tracked, just before the </body> tag.
  3. More on Setup >

Turnkey Reporting

Two dashboards and 25 reports are included, and customizing the dashboards and reports to your own needs is easy. Unlike some other solutions, all data is stored natively in Salesforce in the Lead record. No complex integrations or data being pulled in via API. See dashboard examples and a list of reports.


Overview | Setup | Reports & Dashboards | Google Adwords Configuration | Visitor Sessions

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Support Resources

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