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Visitor Session Tracking
for Campaign Tracker

New in Campaign Tracker version 2.0 is the ability to see exactly what pages a lead visited on your web site, and the dates/times they viewed those pages.

You can even see multiple visits / sessions from the same lead, to understand their buying process and what pages on your site they were the most interested in. Visitor Sessions are stored in a custom Salesforce object related to the Lead / Contact, so the information is easily accessible to sales and marketing, and stays with that lead as they get converted in Salesforce.

  • See which pages on your web site a lead visited
  • Track across multiple visits / sessions
  • Visitor Sessions custom object shows data on Salesforce leads / contacts

Multiple Sessions

Understand the lead's navigation through your web site - which pages they viewed, how many times they returned - in addition to the lead source tracking.

Custom Object

Each page view creates its own "Visitor Session" record when the lead is submitted into Salesforce, complete with the following data:

  • Session Number - Was this the first visit or a return session from the same visitor?
  • Date and Time - The date and time the lead first viewed this part of your web site.
  • Page Title - The title of the page on your web site.
  • Page URL - The web address of the page on your web site, just click to open in a new tab.
  • Lead, Account, Contact - Which record is this visit related to?


Overview | Setup | Reports & Dashboards | Google Adwords Configuration | Visitor Sessions | UTM Parameters & Fields

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