Google Analytics Campaign Tracker for Salesforce by CloudAmp

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Reports and Dashboards
for Campaign Tracker

As the Google Analytics Campaign parameters, keywords and traffic sources become part of more and more of your new leads, you'll know which marketing methods are working best, what campaign is producing the most or best leads, and more

  • 2 Prebuilt dashboards and 25 reports
  • All data stored natively in Salesforce in Lead fields
  • Customize our reports or easily create your own

Sample Dashboards

Click on any of the screenshots below to see enlarged sample images of the dashboards included with the Campaign Tracker for Google Adwords and Analytics.

Included Reports

Campaign Tracker includes the following reports. Because all data is stored 100% natively in Salesforce custom lead fields, you can modify or Save as and customize any of these reports to fit your own unique data requirements very easily. CloudAmp can also provide reporting assistance if you need it.

  • Converted Leads by Keyword
  • Last 10 Leads
  • Leads by Day (Last 60 Days)
  • Leads by Day (Last 60 Days) by Tracking
  • Leads by Keyword
  • Leads by Month (All Time)
  • Leads by Month (All Time) by Tracking
  • Leads by Non-Campaign Type
  • Leads by Non-Campaign Type by Month
  • Leads by Search Engine
  • Leads by Search Type
  • Leads by Status
  • Leads by Week (Last 120 Days)
  • Leads by Week (Last 120 Days)by Tracking
  • Open Opportunities by Keyword
  • Organic Leads by Search Engine
  • Paid vs Organic Search Engine Leads
  • Top 10 Keywords
  • Tracker Leads by Initial Source
  • Tracker Leads by Lead Source Type
  • Tracker Leads by UTM Campaign
  • Tracker Leads by UTM Medium
  • Tracker Leads by UTM Source
  • Visitor Sessions - Top Pages by Title
  • Won Opportunities by Keyword


Overview | Setup | Reports & Dashboards | Google Adwords Configuration | Visitor Sessions

| UTM Parameters & Fields

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