Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different Lead Source Types that are captured?

The Campaign Tracker categorizes leads based on the same terms as Google Analytics. Leads are assigned one of 4 different “Lead Source Types” as follows:

  • Campaign: The incoming URL contained UTM tags, such as utm_source, utm_campaign, etc. and is therefore categorized as part of a campaign
  • Organic: The visitor was referred by a search engine such as Google, and clicked on the regular results (not on an advertisement)
  • Referral: The visitor was referred by a link on another website. (Links that have been tagged with campaign variables won't show up as [referral] )
  • Direct: The visitor came to your site by by typing the URL directly into their web browser. 'Direct' can also refer to a visitor who clicked on a link from their bookmarks/favorites, untagged links within emails, or links from documents that don't include tracking variables (such as PDFs or Word documents).